[Tutorial] How to Access Advanced Developer Settings in Exodus Wallet

With Exodus widely acknowledged as a simple, yet powerful wallet software, most users will be content with the default features available within the app.

However, Exodus is also one of the few wallets that allows more advanced users to access complex features, allowing them to tinker with the fundamentals of how the wallet operates, to better customize Exodus to their needs.

In order to use Developer Mode, you will need to have Exodus already installed on your device. If you haven’t yet installed Exodus, or need a quick run-through on its basic features before continuing with this tutorial, check out our basic installation guide.

Activate Developer Mode

Step 1: Depending on the device you use, accessing the developer menu can be either relatively straightforward (on Mac OS), or slightly more involved (on Windows). On Mac OS, the developer options can be easily accessed through the menu bar after opening the program.

Step 2: In Windows, however, accessing the Developer Menu requires you to press CTRL + SHIFT + D all at once. Alternatively, this can also be accessed by navigating to the ‘Help’ menu, scrolling down to the ‘How do I open the Developer Menu?’ entry, and clicking the ‘Show Developer Menu’

Step 3: After enabling developer mode, you will be able to access advanced features, helping you better customize how Exodus looks or functions, as well as access the developer tools, providing you complete control over Exodus.

Export All Transactions

Developer mode includes the useful feature of letting you export all your transactions into a single .csv file, which is extremely useful for those looking to record their transactions for tax purposes or simply to get a better grip of their personal finances.

Step 1: To export all transactions, simply navigate to the develop mode options, and scroll to the bottom before selecting ‘Export All Transactions’. This will automatically export a .csv file containing all of your transactions, which will be saved to your Desktop in a newly created folder called ‘exodus-exports’.

Change Price Source

By default Exodus wallet uses its own pricing server to display the value of your wallets. However, it does give you the option to change this to an alternate server, allowing you to use the crypto compare prices instead. These values usually differ by a fraction of a percent, so it may be useful to switch between servers when dealing with large sums.

Step 1: In the developer menu, navigate to the ‘Prices (preferred)’ option, and select the server you wish to use as the source for values within Exodus. In our example, we have selected Crypto Compare, feel free to play around with both to see which one you prefer.

Besides exporting your transactions and changing your price source, developer mode also allows you to perform a variety of more complex tasks, including sweeping addresses, restoring wallets from a backup, and displaying your private keys.

We urge caution when using the developer mode, since this is only intended for advanced users.

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