[Guide] How to Use Your Ledger Nano S with the AdaLite (Cardano Wallet)

As one of the most popular smart contract platforms around, Cardano (ADA) has developed quite the cult following, with many investors believing that ADA is long overdue for another impressive bull run like that seen in 2017. 

Because of this, if you’re a Cardano investor and want to keep your precious ADA safe, then there is no better option than storing your funds on a hardware wallet. Luckily, arguably the most secure hardware wallet — the Ledger Nano S — recently received support for ADA, giving you the perfect opportunity to finally secure your funds the right way.

When Ledger added Cardano (ADA) support, they also included compatibility with two major Cardano wallets — Yoroi wallet and AdaLite. We will be focusing on the latter in this tutorial, helping you get your Ledger Nano S set up with one of the most popular light wallets for the Cardano blockchain.

Note that you will need the Cardano app installed on your Ledger device to complete this tutorial. If you need help with this, please see our recent guide on the subject.

Make sure to update your “Ledger Live” App from here:


Connect the Ledger Nano S with AdaLite

Step 1: To begin using your Ledger Nano S with AdaLite, navigate to the AdaLite website https://adalite.io/ in your web browser. Here, select the ‘Hardware Wallet’ option under the access options.

Step 2: Now, plug your Ledger Nano S into your computer, enter your PIN and open the Cardano app. After unlocking the device, select the ‘Unlock with Ledger’ option on the right.

Step 3: After selecting the ‘Unlock with Ledger’ option, AdaLite will attempt to load your wallet data. On your Ledger device, you should be asked to ‘Export public key’, press both buttons on your device, and then click the right button once to ‘Confirm export public key’. AdaLite will automatically detect when you have agreed to export your public key, and will automatically load your wallet.

Step 4: After linking your Ledger Nano S to AdaLite, you will be able to send payments through the ‘Send ADA’ panel, whereas address in the ‘My Addresses’ section below can be used to receive payments. Note that you will need to verify all payments on your Ledger Device when accessing this wallet.

You are now ready to go! Whenever you want to access this wallet in the future, simply fire up AdaLite and unlock your wallet using your Ledger device.

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