[Guide] How to use the Ledger Nano S HODL App on your PC/MAC

One of the main issues when using the Ledger Nano S is the need to manually type in addresses displayed on the Ledger Nano S to websites you’re trying to withdraw money from. Although this is secure, it can be a pain, since the device’s small screen and limited navigation options make error checking difficult.

Luckily, Ledger has recognized this issue and recently released a new app to help make using the Ledger a little easier, by automatically pasting address from your Ledger device onto your computer with compromising on security.

To begin using HODL, you will need to have the app installed on your device, if you haven’t done so already, check out our guide to installing new apps.


Make sure to update your “Ledger Live” App from here:


  • HODL app installed on your device
  • A computer running Mac OS or Windows
  • Ledger  Live installed
  • An official Ledger USB cable

Using the App

Step 1: Plug your Ledger Nano S into your computer and unlock your device by entering your pin. Once logged in, navigate to the HODL app, and open it by clicking both device buttons.

Step 2: In the HODL app, scroll down to the ‘Settings’ option using the left and right buttons, and press both buttons to open the settings.

Step 3: In the settings, press both device buttons when you see the ‘Keyboard layout’ option. After clicking this, you’ll be provided with a range of options to choose from here, including Qwerty, Qwerty Int’l and Azerty.

Select the option that corresponds to your computer keyboard. You can usually tell which this is by looking at the arrangement of the keys on the keyboard, if the first six letters spell QWERTY, then select the ‘Qwerty’ option on your Ledger, otherwise if they spell AZERTY, then select the ‘Azerty’ option.

Note that you will need to repeat this step if you use your Ledger on a device with a different keyboard layout.

Step 4: After selecting your keyboard layout, go back to the main menu of the HODL app, and select the ‘New address’ option.

Step 5: Here, scroll down to select the cryptocurrency you want to generate a deposit address for and press both buttons. In our example, we will be generating a Zcash address.

Note that for some cryptocurrencies you will be provided a variety of address types to choose from, so you may need to make this selection before you will be able to generate an address.

Step 6: Now, open the place on your computer you want to generate your address to, for example, this might be on your exchange login page, or the recipient field of a Changelly order, as shown below.

Step 7: When you are ready, select the ‘Generate’ option on your Ledger device by pressing both buttons. This should automatically enter the address in the selected field on your computer.

Step 8: After your address has been automatically entered, you will be automatically prompted to verify this on your device.

If the address that was entered matches that shown on your device, then click the right device button to verify it.

That’s it! You have now securely generated, entered and verified an address from your Ledger device, it should be perfectly safe to transfer funds to the address.

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