How to Verify Your Ledger Nano S Recovery Phrase [Simple Guide]

If you’ve just set up your Ledger Nano S, or haven’t used it in a long time, and want to double check whether you have the correct recovery seed backed up, as an incorrect recovery phrase could spell disaster should you ever need to retrieve your funds. 

However, after initializing the Ledger for the first time, there is no in-built way to check whether your recovery seed is valid, without attempting to actually recover your funds directly.

Fortunately, Ledger has recognized this issue, and released the Recovery Check app, which allows Ledger owners to check that they have the correct recovery phrase recorded, confirming that their funds are safe should they ever misplace or lose their device.


Make sure to update your “Ledger Live” App from here:

  1. An already set-up Ledger Nano S
  2. Ledger Live installed
  3. An official Ledger USB cable

Install Recovery Check

Step 1: After setting up your Ledger Nano S, you will need to load Ledger Live on your computer, and navigate to the ‘Manager’ section on the left.

Step 2: When you are presented with the ‘Connect your device’ screen, connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer using the official Ledger USB cable, and enter your PIN as instructed on the screen.

This should unlock the device, and automatically navigate you to the Ledger dashboard. Ledger Live will detect that the device has been unlocked, and will prompt you to ‘Allow Ledger Manager on your device’ before the Manager panel can be opened.

Step 3: When you see this prompt, check your Ledger device screen, it should be asking you to ‘Allow Ledger manager’. Click the right button once to allow, which should automatically redirect you to the Manager panel on Ledger Live shortly after.

Step 4: Here, simply search for ‘Recovery Check’ in the search bar, and click the ‘Install’ button next to the Recovery Check app to begin installing the app on your Ledger device.

Step 5: The installation process should take under 30 seconds to complete, after which you will be presented with the screen below. You will now be ready to use the Recovery Check app.

Note that you may need to unlock your Ledger device to begin the installation process.

Complete a Recovery Check

Step 1: After installing Recovery Check, the app should now be available when navigating the dashboard on your Ledger device.

After finding the Recovery Check app, click both device buttons to open it.

Step 2: After opening the app, scroll to the ‘Start check’ option, and press both buttons to confirm.

Step 3: Skip through the introduction screens by pressing both buttons, and you will eventually be taken to a screen asking you to select the number of words for your recovery seed.

For the most part, Ledger Nano S recovery seeds are 24 words long, but if you set up a shorter one, then you may need to select the 12 or 18 words option by pressing both buttons.

Step 4: When you see the word #1 screen, press both buttons, and use the left and right buttons to navigate to select the first letter of your first recovery word. Repeat this process until your device gives you a selection of words to choose from, and pick the word that matches your first recovery word.

Step 5: After selecting the first word, you will now need to repeat this process for the remaining words, which could be a total of 12, 18 or 24 words depending on the length of your recovery phase.

Step 6: After selecting the final recovery word, Recovery Check should confirm whether your entire phrase was valid, or whether it was incorrect.

If you receive a prompt saying ‘Recovery phrase matches’, then you’re good to go, whereas if you receive ‘Recovery phrase is not valid’ then the phrase you entered is not correct, and hence cannot be used to recover your funds.


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