Best Cosmos (ATOM) Wallets for Android in 2019 and Beyond (Updated)

Cosmos is promoted as the “Internet of Blockchains” and is a decentralized protocol used for interconnecting independent blockchains know as zones. Initially conceived in 2016 and announced on the Bitcointalk forum, Cosmos underwent a successful ICO in 2017, raising a grand total of $17.3 million. 

Cosmos is developed by All in Bits, a company founded in 2014 that operates under the name of Tendermint and is primarily funded through a Swiss non-profit company called the Interchain Foundation.

The brains behind the project aim to make Cosmos the premier solution for the Blockchain interoperability problems. To do this, Cosmos brings to the table a custom proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, an inter-blockchain communication protocol and a developer-friendly SDK for custom application-specific blockchain development.

The native utility token to the COSMOS ecosystem is ATOM — a proof-of-stake token with the total supply capped at 236,000,000 units. Holders of ATOM can stake their holdings and also delegate their staked ATOMs to any validator to earn a portion of block fees and ATOM rewards.

To make it easy for the general public to store and stake their ATOM tokens, several developers have released high-quality android wallets for Cosmos. In this article, we will be taking a look at three of the very best Android wallets with ATOM support.


Wetez wallet is a sleek proof-of-stake multi-asset Android wallet built by a Chinese company called Wepos Technology Co. The wallet was released back in July 2018, and has managed to accrue a 4.3-star rating after being downloaded by over 1,000 users.

Wetez wallet is password protected and allows users to easily import private keys, while providing support for backups with either 24-word mnemonic passphrases or private keys.

Screenshot Image

In addition to ATOM, Wetez Wallet currently supports delegation and staking of two more coins — XTZ and IRIS.

Beyond this, there are no advanced features to speak of, but its clean user interface and multi-language support make Wetez a simple wallet best used by less experienced cryptocurrency holders.

Standout Features

  1. One click delegation system.
  2. Built-in validator market for ATOM along with IRIS and XTZ.
  3. Discovery mode allows users to watch crypto markets and participate in voting proposals.


Lunagram is an exclusive Android-based Cosmos wallet inside a Telegram powered messaging platform. Lunagram was released very recently, on May 08, 2019, and has since been downloaded more than 100 times, and achieving an excellent 4.7-star rating

Lunagram is developed by Lunamint— a Korean community of developers and users that have been enthusiastic and supportive of Cosmos since 2017.

One of the key features here is that Lunagram users can send or receive ATOMs through Telegram messages or traditionally through standard Cosmos wallet addresses, making Cosmos much more appealing to those already familiar with Telegram.

Screenshot Image

Like other secure Android wallets, Lunagram stores private keys and wallet data locally, making it ideal for those who like to keep their data private. Lunagram is also one of the few Cosmos wallets to offer biometric authentication, allowing users to securely log in using their fingerprint.

Although there is no direct option for exporting wallet keys yet, Lunagram doesn’t lock in its users so your Lunagram recovery seed can be used to import your Cosmos wallet into other clients. Alternatively, Cosmos holders can import their balance into Lunagram using their private keys or 12/24 word recovery seeds.

Standout Features

  1. Allows users to use Telegram without the original app
  2. Allows users to stake and vote with ATOMS.
  3. Secured through biometric and anti-screen capture technology


Cosmostation is a fully decentralized Android wallet for ATOM tokens based on the Cosmos hub. In addition, Cosmostation is also a validator on the Cosmos ecosystem. It was released on the Google Play app store in March 2019 and has achieved an outstanding 4.9-star rating and more than 1,000 installations.

It is built by Wanabit Blockchain Labs, a South Korean based blockchain development company with a focus on the integration of blockchain technology into people’s everyday lives.

Screenshot Image

With Cosmostation, users can easily import and manage multiple addresses with 12, 16 or 24-word recovery seeds. Similarly, to export wallets created on Cosmostation into an external wallet, users can use their 24-word seed that is generated during the wallet backup process.

Standout Features

  1. QR code integration for sending and receiving payments.
  2. Users can easily stake and delegate ATOMs and vote on proposals.
  3. Built-in guide for users, covering the basics of Cosmostation and all things related to Cosmos and ATOM.

If an Android wallet isn’t quite up to scratch, why not look into storing your ATOMs on a cryptocurrency hardware wallet?

Image credits: Cosmos.Network, Cosmostation, Lunagram, Wetez

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