[Guide] How to Install and Use PINT Wallet for Android (Store Cryptocurrency Safely)

As one of the most promising new Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for 2019, PINT has already made quite the statement, by offering several in-app features that you will struggle to find anywhere else. PINT supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), along with several ERC20 tokens, making it ideal for those with a diverse portfolio.

PINT stands out from its competitors due to its high-end security features and its support for VPN and TOR, making it a truly safe cryptocurrency wallet for mobile devices. Currently, the app has more than ten thousand downloads on the Play Store and has achieved an excellent 4.5-star rating, making it an ideal wallet for beginners and advanced users alike. 

PINT Wallet is a BIP39 secured HD multi-wallet with an inbuilt P2P marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies. It was launched in April 2018 by Bitfialabs — a Singapore based company incubated by Singapore Management University. As it stands, PINT wallet is only available on Android, so this will be the focus of this guide.

Creating your PINT Wallet

Step 1: Open the Play Store app on your phone, search for PINT Wallet using the search bar. Select the option released by Pint P2P by Bitfia, and click the ‘INSTALL’ button.

Step 2: Once the app is opened for the first time after installation completes, the user will be greeted with a welcome screen that defines the features of the app in four steps, starting with the ‘MANAGE YOUR CRYPTO ASSETS’ screen. 

To get access wallet login screen, you will need to skip or click through all four information screens to the final ‘CHAT SECURELY’ screen, where you will be able to select the ‘START’ button. 

Step 3: In the next step, you will be able to either create a new wallet or restore an existing wallet using your recovery seed. 

If you already have a previously created wallet, click on ‘RESTORE WALLET’ option and enter your 12-word recovery phrase to automatically recover your wallet.

Alternatively, if you are a new user, click the ‘CREATE NEW WALLET’ button to begin the setup procedure.

Step 4: Read through the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. If you are happy with these, check the box and click ‘CONFIRM’ to continue.

Step 5: In the following step, you will be prompted to create a backup of your wallet. Although it can be skipped for later, it is not recommended.

Instead, we recommend clicking the ‘BACKUP NOW’ option.

Step 6: The next screen shows your 12-word BIP39 word sequence which can be used to recover your wallet should you ever lose access in the future.

It is extremely important to save this word sequence in the exact order it appears. Without this, your wallet cannot be restored if your device is damaged, lost or stolen.

Note that your recovery phrase is unique to you, it will differ from the below example.

Step 7: Note your word sequence down, and store it in a safe place that only you know the location of. Once done, click ‘PROCEED’ to advance to the word sequence verification screen. Click the words in the exact same sequence as your backup, or enter these in the text box manually.

When you are happy with the order, click ‘VERIFY’ to check your phrase is correct, and proceed to the next step.

Step 8: To complete wallet creation you will be asked to set a 4-digit pin. This is an optional step that adds an additional layer of security when sending payments and making changes to your PINT wallet. 

Simply set a 4-digit pin code and verify it to access your wallet portfolio at the next screen.

Again, this step can be skipped, but this is not recommended since the PIN is designed to further protect your wallet. 

Using Your PINT Wallet

Step 9: Now that you have successfully backed up your recovery phrase and passed the PIN setup step, you will have full access to your PINT wallet.

To access any of the digital assets supported by PINT, click the ‘COIN’ or ‘TOKEN’ tab in the wallet section of PINT. 

For instance, to access the Bitcoin sending features or obtain your receiving addresses, click on Bitcoin.

Here, you will be provided three different options: ‘SEND’, ‘RECEIVE’ and ‘SWAP’.

You would use the ‘SEND’ option to make Bitcoin payments, ‘RECEIVE’ to obtain your Bitcoin address to receive payments, and ‘SWAP’ to use the in-built P2P exchange to trade your BTC.

Step 10: In this final step, we will glance over the major features available in PINT wallet.

News: The news section displays a feed of all the latest news from leading crypto news portals.

Swap: This section allows the user to easily swap between different assets. It is powered by Changelly, ShapeShift, and Coinswitch.

Marketplace: This is one of the features that sets PINT wallet apart from its competitors. This is a P2P marketplace that allows PINT users to make trades directly within the app, and is currently in beta. 

PINT users need to separately register on the marketplace and link their wallet to use this feature. PINT wallet rewards users can take part in the PINT reward program through this section and earn PINT Loyalty Points (PLP) by completing various tasks, such as inviting friends to use the wallet.

Unfortunately, Pint Wallet does not support the Ledger Nano S or other hardware wallets. See our guide to the top 3 budget hardware wallets with state-of-the-art security features if you are looking for a more secure storage solution!

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