The Top 3 EOS Wallets for iOS Reviewed (Safely Store EOS on iPhone)

EOS is a distributed-proof-of-stake (DPOS) based cryptocurrency that powers the EOS.IO blockchain protocol — a highly scalable and flexible blockchain platform that is built as a robust decentralized operating system. 

Despite being a relatively new cryptocurrency, announced in just 2017 and launched in 2018, EOS has already risen the ranks to become among the most popular cryptocurrencies of all time. As it stands, EOS is currently considered the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with much of its growth being attributed to its impressive fee-free decentralized application (dApp) platform.

To speed up the adoption of EOS and further push its market dominance over competing blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH) and TRON (TRX), EOS users need access to highly secure and easy to use wallets developed for handheld devices.

And when it comes to handheld devices, iOS devices control a significant chunk of the market share in developed countries. In light of these, we will be covering the top 3 EOS wallets for iOS — let’s dive right in!

Note: for the purposes of this article we will only be covering EOS-specific wallets, rather than multi-asset wallets.

EOS Lynx

EOS Lynx was released in August 2018 on the Apple App Store and has received an outstanding average review of 4.8 stars after being downloaded by thousands of iOS users. It is developed by Needly inc and was launched following a joint ICO along with their other product — Workcoin.

With EOS Lynx, users can create a new EOS account in seconds or import private keys from a pre-existing wallet. Like most EOS wallets, creating an account isn’t free, with $0.99 being charged to the user to create an account with 0.1 EOS for Bandwidth, 0.1 EOS for CPU and roughly 4kb of RAM. 

For user security, EOS Lynx has Face ID authentication, encrypted password protection and EOS Lynx have promised an extensive list of improvements in future, which makes EOS Lynx certainly one to watch. 

It is important to keep in mind that the EOS Lynx team are pretty strict about anti-money-laundering policies. The team has indicated that there will be stringent compliance requirements if users pass a certain (undisclosed) threshold value for their daily transactions. 

Standout Features

  • Private Key recovery with Face ID authentication.
  • Intuitive user interface and a responsive support desk.
  • Built-in dApp explorer and easy API integration for developers.

Nova Wallet

Nova Wallet was released on the Apple Store in August 2018 by a South Korean mobile application development company. Prior to their official launch, Nova Wallet was beta tested exclusively for the iOS platform, making the app perfectly designed for iOS users.

Nova Wallet features PIN and password-based authentication along with many enhanced security features. Users can easily import private keys, while all sensitive information is encrypted and stored locally on the device — nothing is sent to the cloud. 

Users can add EOS tokens with a single touch and receive real-time updates on network statistics and their own portfolio. Beyond this, with Nova Wallet, users can perform access the full range of EOS.IO features, including buy/sell RAM, participate in EOS voting and stake/unstake their EOS for resources. 

Beyond this, with a stunning user interface and a team committed to providing new exciting features on a regular basis, Nova Wallet is one of the best iOS EOS wallets.

Standout Features

  • Built-in market for easy exchange.
  • Enhanced security through Touch ID and Face ID authentication.
  • Built-in dApp browser.

My EOS Wallet

The iOS version of My EOS Wallet was released in February 2019, as such, there are no 3rd part user reviews on the wallet just yet. Despite this, in our testing, we found My EOS Wallet to be a capable wallet which provides an excellent introduction to the world of EOS. 

Despite being only recently released on the Apple App Store, the same wallet has raving reviews on the Google Play Store (for Android), and it seems the team has done an excellent job porting the wallet to iOS. 

To use My EOS wallet, users need to either import the private key of an existing EOS wallet or register a new one. To register a new wallet, users will need a minimum of 4KB RAM and 0.2 EOS delegated for CPU & NET.

At the time of writing, in order to boost EOS adoption, the My EOS Wallet developers (ATTIC FINTECH) are offering early installers a free account coupon code. To obtain this code, users must complete several steps as outlined in the My EOS Wallet registration screen. 

Overall, My EOS Wallet is an excellent choice for those looking to manage their EOS on their iPhone, without needing the go through the hassle of purchasing an EOS account.

Standout Features

  • Support for BOS — the EOS side-chain for commercial applications.
  • Built-in exchange access and dApp browser
  • In-app voting for block producers

Need Something More Secure?

If you are sitting on a sizeable chunk of EOS, or simply want to ensure that your portfolio is protected as best as possible, then an iOS app may not be the safest way to do so.

Instead, consider investing in a hardware wallet, these offer gold-standard security, though this comes at a premium. If you already have a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, see our short guide to securely store your EOS using the EOS app for Ledger.

Image credits: EOS.IO, EOS Lynx, My EOS Wallet, Nova Wallet

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