[Guide] How to Enable and a BIP39 Passphrase with KeepKey to Increase Your Security

Although the KeepKey is an excellent hardware wallet that will suit the great majority of cryptocurrency holders, however, with the wallet being protected by just a single PIN, it can leave some users looking for additional security.

Fortunately, KeepKey provides the option to add a BIP39 passphrase, which can be used to add an additional layer of security over your device, requiring you to enter both the PIN code and a custom length passphrase before being able to access or spend your funds.

Because KeepKey doesn’t provide the option to add in the passphrase during the setup process, this will need to be completed after you have already set-up the device. If you haven’t yet done so, you can follow our previous guide to complete the set-up process, before coming back here to add your passphrase.


  1. An initialized KeepKey wallet
  2. A computer with the KeepKey client installed
  3. An official KeepKey USB cable
  4. Somewhere to store your new seed

Generating your KeepKey Passphrase

Step 1: To begin generating your recovery seed, you will need to first load up the KeepKey client, and connect your KeepKey device to your computer.

Once the KeepKey client has loaded and your device is connected, enter your PIN code using the grid displayed on the screen, and click the ‘Send PIN’ button when done.

Step 2: After a few moments your KeepKey wallet should then be loaded.

Once loaded, click the settings wheel in the top left to load additional options.

Step 3: In the KeepKey client settings you will find an option that says ‘Enable BIP39 Passphrase’.

Select this option and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: On your KeepKey device, you should see a message saying ‘ENABLE PASSPHRASE’, when you see the screen below, hold the device button for a few seconds to confirm you want to enable BIP39 encryption.

After a few seconds, the KeepKey client should then ask you to enter your PIN again. Simply use the on-screen grid to enter your PIN, and click the ‘Send PIN’ button when you are ready.

Step 4: After entering your PIN, you will then be prompted to enter your new passphrase. Here, simply enter your new passphrase using any combination of letters, numbers, and characters. You will also need to re-enter this exact same passphrase in the box below, before clicking the ‘Send Passphrase’ button to finalize your entry.

Step 5: After clicking ‘Send Passphrase’ your new passphrase will now be set. This will need to be entered when accessing your KeepKey wallet in the future using the KeepKey Client.

That’s it! You have now successfully added a BIP39 passphrase to your KeepKey device. If you ever need to disable this in future, you can simply find the ‘Disable BIP39 Passphrase’ in the KeepKey settings to remove this security layer.

Now that you have further secured your KeepKey wallet, why not learn how to do more with your device?

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