[Guide] How to Add Support for Ethereum, Litecoin and More to Your KeepKey

As of one of the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets around, the KeepKey has developed quite the following among cryptocurrency holders. However, despite its popularity, the KeepKey does require some tinkering before it can be used to its full potential. 

By default, the KeepKey wallet is only set up to work with Bitcoin (BTC). However, it is, in fact, compatible with a much larger range of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), And Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

KeepKey has done an excellent job of ensuring their hardware wallet is as accessible as possible, making it easy to use and access the device. This ease-of-use also extends to adding support for additional cryptocurrencies to your KeepKey wallet, allowing you to store more digital assets with just a few clicks.

With this in mind, our brief guide will show you how to quickly add new wallets to your device, allowing you to store multiple digital assets in one place.

What You Need to Get Started

  • An initialized KeepKey device
  • A MicroUSB cable
  • A computer with the KeepKey client installed

Adding New Accounts to KeepKey

Step 1: To begin adding additional accounts to your KeepKey, you will first need to connect your KeepKey wallet to your computer, and access it through the KeepKey client by entering your PIN.

Step 2: After logging into your KeepKey wallet, you will be presented with the KeepKey client dashboard. Here, click the ‘Add Account’ button to begin the process of adding new cryptocurrency wallets to your device.

Step 3: On the add account screen, select the cryptocurrency you want to add to your KeepKey using the drop-down menu (1). For this example, we will be selecting ‘Ethereum’, but you can select any of the available options,

After you have selected the asset you will be adding, create a label for the new wallet in the box below. In our example, we have labelled our new Ethereum wallet “Cryptocoin Ethereum wallet”, but you can label this whatever is most memorable for you.

Once completed, click the ‘Add Account’ button.

Step 4: You will then be prompted to enter your KeepKey PIN. Simply enter your pin based on the grid displayed on your KeepKey device, before clicking the ‘Send PIN’ button to finalize your account.

Step 5: After entering your PIN, your new account will now be available to select in the KeepKey client dashboard. Here, you can simply select the account by selecting it in the menu.

At this point, you can add additional accounts by repeating the steps above, you can even add multiple accounts for each cryptocurrency if you want to better manage your finances. With that said, KeepKey recommends that you keep no more than 10 accounts on your device at any one time, since it can take a while to load otherwise.

What is Next?

Congrats! You have now added support for additional cryptocurrencies to your KeepKey wallet. Now that you plan to store a more diverse range of cryptocurrencies on your device, why not check out some more tutorials to get the most of your device?

  1. Update your KeepKey firmware
  2. Add a two-factor passphrase to your device
  3. Change your PIN

Image credits: Descryptive, KeepKey

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