The Top 3 TRON (TRX) Wallets for iOS Compared (2019 Updated)

The TRON network is built as the next-generation decentralized content sharing platform, looking to provide the tens of millions of content creators around the world with a way to directly reach their audience without intermediaries. Tronix (TRX), the native cryptocurrency for the platform is central to governance and operation of TRON, being the gas used to fuel the TRON dApp ecosystem.

The TRON platform is founded, developed and maintained by a Singapore based non-profit organization known as the Tron Foundation.

Since the launch of the platform in 2017, the project has since broadened its horizon and is now looking to position itself as the premier dApps platform. As a result, over 400 dApps and around 2,500 TRON-based tokens have been developed, and several exciting acquisitions have been made to pursue this goal.

To push the adoption of the TRON platform into the mainstream, it is important for end users to be able to easily access the TRON dApps, and both store and transfer TRX and TRC20 tokens. Arguably the most effective way to do so is by mobile, since practically all consumers of online content have access to a smartphone, many of which are running iOS.

If you are just getting started with TRON on mobile, we will be covering the three of the very best TRX wallets for iOS devices.

Note: For the purposes of this article, we will solely focus on TRON solus wallets, that feature support for TRX and TRON-based assets alone, to ensure a more complete feature-set.


Users can download VenaPi directly from the developer’s main website. It isn’t currently available to download directly on the iOS App Store, but should be available after Apple has approved the app.

The application is developed by in partnership with VENA Network, and is part of the product family managed by the VENA Foundation. Beyond iOS, the app is also available for Android devices as either an APK download or through the Google Play Store.

VenaPi is a secure client-side decentralized wallet application that supports TRON and all TRC10 and TRC20 token types. It has a user-friendly UI and also features a built-in dApp browser that initially focuses on games, but is due to expand to other categories at a later date

With all the features that VenaPi has, it is an excellent entry point for users new to the TRON ecosystem. Beyond this, VenaPi also supports up to 14 different languages, helping to promote TRON worldwide and opening the platform to practically anyone, anywhere.


Standout Features

  • Log in and pay using fingerprint
  • Wallet data is encrypted and backed up with BIP39 passphrase
  • Built-in dApp browser, Super Representative voting platform, and Multi-account setup.


TronLink is a trademarked product of Raybo (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. and is developed by developers from Tron Community. It is the first officially recommended wallet by the Tron Foundation, despite being launched in just February 2019.

TronLink has cross-platform operability and beyond being available to iOS users, is also available as a Google Chrome extension and for Android users. As a highly secure client-side wallet, TronLink stores all sensitive user data on the local device and uses high-end encryption to ensure it cannot be compromised.

With support for easy wallet creation, and the option to import and export wallets, TronLink is one of the few wallets that offers users the choice to use their same wallet across several platforms, or import pre-existing wallets from other clients.

Apart from the disabled dApp market due to Apple’s latest policies, TronLink is essentially the same experience, regardless of which platform you use it on. Via the app, iOS users can still vote for Super Representatives, explore BANCOR or the open market asset prices, freeze or unfreeze their assets and add any number of TRON based tokens.

Standout Features

  • Built-in support for multiple accounts within the same wallet.
  • dApp testing tool and recovery phrase to private key transfer tool.
  • Easily add or remove TRON tokens with the click of a button.


TronWallet is developed by a South American remote IT consulting firm called Getty/IO that is headquartered from Delaware, USA.

TronWallet stands apart from most other TRON wallets thanks to its open source codebase, making it free for developers to improve, audit and adjust to their liking. The wallet is also one of the older TRON wallets available on iOS, being released back in August 2018. Since then, it has received several hundred reviews, and earned an excellent 4.6-star average rating.

TronWallet provides all the essential features TRON users might be looking for, including Super Representatives voting, freezing/unfreezing assets, as well as adding watch-only addresses and multiple accounts within the same wallet. The only thing that is missing from TronWallet at the time of writing this article is token creation.

In terms of security, TronWallet features fingerprint authentication for many functions within the app. Beyond this, realm database implementation, QR Code support for hassle-free transactions and localized in 28 international languages are some other major benefits that come with using the wallet.

Standout Features

  • Built-in P2P exchange
  • Protected by a locally stored secret key and 6 digit PIN with AES256 and SHA2 encryption.
  • No transaction fees for receiving and sending TRX.

Image credits: TronLink, Tron Wallet, VenaPi

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